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29 May 2010 - Methodist Schools Alumni Gathering

Methodist Schools Alumni Gathering

29th May 2010
Methodist College Kuala Lumpur

Indeed it was an auspicious afternoon for about 50 old boys and old girls from 12 schools, because this was a concerted effort to get the former students of our Methodist schools together. There have been such efforts made by individual alumni school groups, but what makes this gathering special is that this will be a first step, towards forming a federation of individual OBA or OGA or alumni organizations.

It was good to hear from the La Sallians: Tan Sri Chan Choong Tak, Tan Sri Dr Augustine Ong and Ms Ho Chee Kit presented their experiences in the Malaysian Federation of La Sallian Associations.

Various representatives from MBS KL, MBS Sentul, MGS KL, MGS Klang, ACS-MBS Penang and others shared what their individual associations have done: social networking, helping poor and needy students, counselling students, fund-raising for the school needs and building extension, activities with teachers and pupils, etc. There were senior members and there were those who were new and wanted to learn how to get started.

It was unanimously agreed that a Federation of the Methodist Schools Alumni Association would be a good thing and a way forward. With this louder voice from a larger membership, pertinent matters may be brought forward to the relevant authorities. Such a Federation would be able to help new associations which certainly have an important role to play in the school.

Mr Yong Chee Seng, an old boy and Principal of MBS KL as well as the former Education Secretary of the Methodist Council of Education, chaired the election for a Protem Committee. The following volunteered to be in the committee:

  • Ms Bessie Cheah, MGS Klang
  • Dato Lee Tak Lum, MBS KL
  • Mr Jack Lim, MBS KL
  • Mr N. Balasarathi, Horley MES T Intan
  • Ms Winnie Ng, MGS KL
  • Dato Teo Chiang Quan, MBS KL
  • Mr David Victor, MBS Sentul KL

Reported by Ms Tay Choon Neo, MGS KL (Methodist Council of Education)

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