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Bible Knowledge 9221 for SPM

Why Christian students should take Bible Knowledge at SPM level

Many Christian students do not know that there is a subiect known as Bible Knowledge available on the examination time-table at the SPM level. This is a privilege that has been preserved in our country by God's grace. We encourage Christian students to consider taking this subject as part of their studies in Forms Four and Five for the following reasons.

  1. Christian students need to know God's Word as well if not better than their academic subjects.
  2. Taking Bible Knowledge(BK) is an investment of time for eternity.
  3. Bible Knowledge is the anchor that our students need for these times of turmoil.
  4. Bible Knowledge will undergird the minds of our students and provide them with a moral compass that will guide all their actions and decisions in their everyday living.
  5. The church in Malaysia needs strong leaders today and tomorrow.
  6. Taking Bible Knowledoe will help improve the students' command of the English Language.
  7. A bonus for those who will take BK is the fact that it will count for your SPM certificate.

Finally, taking BK for SPM is a testimony to our teachers, school administrators and government officials that our Christian faith means something to us. We are actually very privileged in Malaysia. It is probably the only Muslim country where the government still makes available a paper on The Life And Teaching Of Christ As Found In St. Luke and The Founding Of The Early Church As Found In The Acts Of The Apostles. On the front page of the paper it is stated. “Hak cipta kerajaan Malaysia”. We thank God for a government that is tolerant.

May our churches play a leading role in promoting this as we have always placed great emphasis on the study of God's Word so that every believer is well-equipped to serve effectively where he is placed. Perhaps through this avenue we will see restored to the churches a strong core of young men and women able to teach and preach God's Word and inspire the churches to grow dynamically and take the gospel to every corner of our country.
Adapted from a write-up by Ms Moey Yoke Lai


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