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Directory of Christian Mission Schools in Malaysia
This document is prepared by the Federation of Councils of Christian Mission Schools Malaysia (FCCMSM) which represents all CHRISTIAN MISSION SCHOOLS in the country. It is prepared with the Ministry of Education’s circular on the appointment of Heads of Missions schools in mind to facilitate easy reference and prompt action.
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"Project Inspire 1" by Malayan Christian Schools' Council A Handbook for Governors/Managers of Boards of Christian Mission Schools.


Purpose of this handbook is to
1. summarise useful information on the set-up, role and functions of the Board of Governors as provided for in the education Act 1996 and the rules and regulations made thereunder.
2. present suggestions to establish and strengthen structures for better governance and stewardship of mission schools.
3. empower and inspire Board Members to work as a team in the service of the school community.

Instrument of Government

ETHOS, SPECIAL CHARACTER AND TRADITIONS of Malaysian Christian Mission Schools by Malayan Christian Schools' Council (MCSC), Feb2012
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